High Demand for Vegan Chefs - CNM Natural Chef and Vegan Natural Chef

High Demand for Vegan Chefs

A recent article in HR Director, lists “Vegan Chef” alongside “Brexit Planner” as one of the top 5 emerging job roles in the UK – with all live vacancies situated in London and the South East. This is great news for CNM Natural Chefs and Vegan Chefs who are trained to create beautiful recipes that fulfil the requirements of the top most in demand and emerging food trends Vegan, healthy, zero waste and therapeutic.   

One company in particular called Vibrant Vegan Company is seeking a director of taste to join its team, offering a salary of £50,000 a year and worldwide travel to flavour hotspots such as India, Japan and Mexico.  They ask that the Chef “armed with an excellent palate, will need to travel to far flung destinations such as Chile, China, India, Japan, Mexico and Turkey on their flavour quest, to discover and sample new plant-based ingredients”. All expenses, such as travel, accommodation and food, will be paid for by the organisation.

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