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How to replace eggs?

Egg white is an important ingredient for the fluffy effect in many recipes but particularly in baking. It is also a very common allergen, especially common in young children with eczema and hay fever.

If you are cooking for a person who cannot eat egg, either because they are vegan or allergic, you may have already discovered that the fluffy airy quality of cooking with egg whites is difficult to replace with standard off the shelf egg substitutes.

Enter AquaFaba

AquaFaba is the liquid found in tins of chickpeas. It does an outstanding job of mimicking all of the qualities of egg white. To confirm, simply drain a tin of chickpea water into a bowl and whisk.

AquaFaba will fluff up exactly as egg whites do.  Amazingly resistant to heat, AquaFaba will retain its egg white qualities no matter what the recipe you are trying to make. Amazing? If you would like to learn more about substituting ingredients to suit different health needs, think about becoming a Natural Chef.

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