Adria Wu - CNM Natural Chef and Vegan Natural Chef

Adria Wu

Michelle Asher

I am now writing my own cookbook”

An interview with Adria Wu

What made you want to do the CNM Natural Chef course?

While I have been passionate about and actively working in the food and wellness industry, I needed a solid foundation to further my knowledge in naturopathic cooking. CNM has one of the strongest reputations in the UK market and I certainly loved my experience there.

What did you learn on the CNM Natural Chef course?

I have a much deeper knowledge of the naturopathic ingredients needed to support optimal and improved health. With my newly acquired training I love cooking guilt-free great food for people who don’t have the time or experience to cook for themselves and seeing them smile when they eat my dishes!

Tell us about your life as a CNM Natural Chef?

I have so much going on it might be easier if i bullet point it for you!

  • I am the owner of a chain of three healthy eating cafes called Maple & Co.
  • My work as a Chef is non-stop – I run supper clubs, create bespoke and seasonal menu design for my cafes and for Maple & Co clients such as Nike, Wimbledon Finals, Sweaty Betty, Christian Louboutin, MAC and Bobbi Brown!
  • I am really enjoying my work as a TV Presenter – on shows like Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch and Unilever’s Global Campaign across 30 countries.
  • I am a Food and Recipe Writer for Men’s Health, Women’s Health, What’s Cooking, Superfood, The Times, Cosmopolitan, and Harpar’s Bazaar among others.
  • I love to teach and work regularly as a Natural Chef Instructor for CNM and corporates such as Prudential, Mindshare and Unilever.
  • With my CNM Natural Chef qualification behind me I am now writing my own cookbook.

What would you say to anyone thinking about doing the course?

CNM’s Natural Chef course will inspire and help drive your passion for a lifestyle and career in health and wellness. There’s no better time than to start now in this rapidly growing industry and I’ve never been happier than working in wellness.

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