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High demand for specialised Chefs

A recent report by the bureau of labour statistics projects that employment of Chef’s and Head Cooks is projected to grow 10 percent from 2016 to 2016. That is faster than the average for all occupations combined.  A recent report by the bureau of labour statistics projects that employment of Chef’s and Head Cooks is […]

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High Demand for Vegan Chefs

A recent article in HR Director, lists “Vegan Chef” alongside “Brexit Planner” as one of the top 5 emerging job roles in the UK – with all live vacancies situated in London and the South East. This is great news for CNM Natural Chefs and Vegan Chefs who are trained to create beautiful recipes that […]

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Wild Foods

“Wild food” is a term used to describe the foods that grow freely around. Some of these wild foods are very familiar. Look around at the right time of year and you will easily spot an abundant, naturally growing supply of berries, nettles, dandelions and elderflowers. Plants that grow wildly, tend to contain the phytochemicals […]

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Top 4 Meat Substitutes

It’s easy, when first substituting meat, to become over-reliant on soy. CNM Natural Chefs are taught to avoid soy as not only is it a common allergen, its effects on health are poorly understood. CNM Natural Chefs are trained in using a range of plant-based meat substitutes, which have their own health benefits, when catering […]

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How to activate nutrients

The body needs nutrients to function properly and stay healthy. Having a meal packed full of nutrition is fantastic, but did you know that how you handle, prepare, combine and cook ingredients will dictate how much of that nutrition will make be absorbed and utilised by your body? As a Natural Chef, cooking with healthy, […]

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How to replace eggs?

Egg white is an important ingredient for the fluffy effect in many recipes but particularly in baking. It is also a very common allergen, especially common in young children with eczema and hay fever. If you are cooking for a person who cannot eat egg, either because they are vegan or allergic, you may have […]

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What is a healthy oil?

Oils are a type of fat, and healthy fats are a very important feature of a healthy diet. A healthy oil will help your body absorb nutrients which rely on fats to be utilised by the body. Dietary fats (or “lipids” as Natural Chefs learn to call them) will play an important role in the […]

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How to cook with plant milk?

If you’ve ever made a hot drink and then added a plant ‘milk’ to it, you will know that there is an instant ‘curdle’ that forms. When cooking with plant ‘milks’ it’s very easy to run into this problem. Here is how to solve it. 1) Make the two liquids a similar temperature Adding two […]

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Natural Chef Principles: No table salt

Salt is a common flavour enhancer. To add the flavour of salt, and stay healthy: Natural Chefs are trained to understand different salts and their health benefits, to make sure every ingredient used in a recipe is of benefit to the healthy functioning of the body. Table salt is a super-heated, bleached and devoid of […]

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